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Cristina Margolis

Writer / ADHD Advocate / Fierce Mamma Bear

About Me

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Ciao! My name is Cristina. Nice to meet you! I’m an Italian 30-something year old born and raised in Silicon Valley and the happy, but exhausted CEO of my household (Yes, I’m a Stay At Home Mom, but I just don’t like that title). Oh, you want to know more? Okay. Well, I am addicted to coffee, Disney, baby laughs, and Spanx. I am pretty funny and am sometimes sarcastic, so if you have a good sense of humor and love to laugh about parenthood, you’ve come to the right place.

My Heart and Soul: I have been married to my college sweetheart since 2008. He was the first person with ADHD I ever loved. (The second is my daughter.) I have two beautiful little girls, Giuliana – my 7 year old artist and Annabella – my 5 year old ballerina. Being a mother is amazing, but sometimes overwhelming. When Giuliana turned six months old, I resigned from my position at a university and became the devoted CEO of my household (I told you I didn’t like that term). Two years later, Annabella was born and my life has been nonstop, beautiful, wonderful mommy chaos ever since!  Giuliana was diagnosed with ADHD (Combined type) when she was five years old.  Raising a child with ADHD keeps me on my toes while my youngest daughter is always on her toes (doing ballet). I also have an adorable dog named Lollipop.

My Daycare: Being home with my young children was very rewarding, but I missed having an occupation and contributing to society (as well as contributing to my family’s financial needs), so in 2013, I founded and began operating a licensed daycare I named It Takes A Village, because I truly believe “it takes a village to raise a child,” although now I’ve learned that it takes an even bigger village to raise a child with ADHD.  (Side Note: This website was originally a blog for my daycare, so that is where many of the older art projects and activities posts came from, but then my blog ended up turning into something much, much, more.)

Everyday I’m Hustling’: Due to family obligations, I had to close my daycare, which is when I became a blogger.  The same month I started getting serious about writing, my first big article about ADHD was featured on Scary Mommy. Other ADHD articles I’ve written have been featured in ADDitude Magazine and on ADDitudeThe Mighty, and many more. I run Pen Pallies, a worldwide pen pal program exclusively for children with ADHD and I plan on creating more programs to help benefit ADHD children as soon as I hit my goal on Patreon. I also help my daughter with The Shiny Playground, a YouTube series for young children with ADHD. (What can I say? ADHD advocacy, spreading ADHD awareness, and making children with ADHD feel loved are passions of mine!) In addition to running My Little Villagers, I am also the Marketing Chair and one of the Board of Directors members of a school.

Hobbies (Yea right, I’m a mom!): When I’m not busy working and taking my kids to school, dance class, choir practice, drama class, and germs galore birthday parties, you will usually find me volunteering at my daughter’s school, shopping kid-free at Target, and trying to convince my husband to let us go to Disneyland yet again for another family vacation.  I’m a huge Disney fan! (Make sure to check out my Disney-inspired ADHD Memes!) I also used to be a staff writer for Tips From The Disney Diva and The Disney Moms.

That’s a wrap!  Thank you, thank you! *takes a bow*

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