A Letter To The Grandparents of Our ADHDers

Posted on Sep 7 2017 - 5:19pm by My Little Villagers

With Grandparents Day coming up, I thought it would be nice to give a much needed and well deserved shoutout to the wonderful grandparents of our children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

Dear Grandparents of Our ADHDers,

Thank you for listening to us when we began to tell you that we felt something was “off” with your grandchild.  Instead of dismissing their hyperactive and inattentive behavior as a normal part of being a kid like many often do, you were receptive to the idea that something else might be going on, and you were right.

Thank you for being supportive when your grandchild received their ADHD diagnosis.  Just like us, you immediately took to the internet and spent countless hours researching all you could about ADHD.  You sent us many links to articles, videos, and books about ADHD and although we felt overwhelmed at the time, we were very appreciative of the fact that you cared so much about helping your grandchild.

Thank you for not only being supportive of your grandchild’s ADHD, but supportive of us as parents as well.  You are always there when we need to vent or need a break.  You understand how hectic our life is with your grandchild and you step in to help whenever possible.  Since you have taken the time to understand how your grandchild’s mind works and you know how to handle any situation with them, we are able to trust that your grandchild is happy and safe with you 110% when you babysit.  That means so much to us.

Thank you for being so incredibly patient, compassionate, and respectful with your grandchild.  You understand that their brain is hardwired differently.  You understand that sometimes they behave in ways that other adults may find rude or disrespectful (like when your grandchild forgets to give you a hug hello for example), but you know to not take their behavior and words too seriously.

Thank you for stepping up to defend your grandchild when the need arrises.  You do your best to educate others about your grandchild’s ADHD.  You help make others see what we see in your amazing grandchild every day and we love you for that.

Thank you above all for loving your grandchild unconditionally.  You accept them for who they are and you don’t ever try to change them.  The truth of the matter is although you were scared about what the label of ADHD was going to do to your grandchild at first, you now know that with people like you in their life who love, support, help, and guide them, their ADHD is a turning out to be a truly beautiful thing.  It is what makes your grandchild exceptional, fiercely creative, and wildly imaginative.  Their ADHD is a big part of what puts a smile on your face when you think about them and what makes you so proud to be their grandparent, and let us please tell you that the feeling is mutual.  We are so proud and blessed to have you in our lives as our child’s grandparent.

Happy Grandparents Day!

With Love Always,

Your Very Appreciative Daughter/Son

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