A variety of topics about children with ADHD at school.


40 Winning Accommodations for ADHD/LD Children (Free Download from ADDitude)

101 Classroom Interventions for ADHD

Classroom Accommodations For Children With ADHD (MLV)

Classroom Accommodations To Help Students With ADHD (Free Download from ADDitude)

Getting Ready For School-Based Meetings (ImpactADHD)

Is Recess A Luxury? (CHADD)

National Association of Parents of Children In Special Education

Second Chances: How My ADHDer Turned Her D Into An A (MLV)

Secret Power of Fidgets (Free Download from ADDitude)

Sensory Needs At School

School and Learning Disabilities Webinars (ADDitude)

Special Education FAQs

Supporting Students With ADHD In Independent and Private Schools (CHADD)


What Students With ADHD and Their Parents Should Know About College (CHADD)


9 Ways To Help Your Child With ADHD Be Successful At School (Parenting Pod)

ADD/ADHD Mental Health and School (University of Nevada)


The Homeschool Option (CHADD)


Can A Tutor Help My Child With ADHD? (MLV)

Hand Slap Math: A Fun Way To Do Homework (MLV)

Homework Help For ADHD Children (Free Download from ADDitude)

How To Create The Perfect Homework Center (MLV)

IEP/504 Plans

504 Plan Sample (Free Download from ADDitude)

Choosing An Educational Advocate

Creating An IEP/504 Plan For Your ADHD Child (Free Download from ADDitude)

IEP Sample For Elementary School Student (Free Download from ADDitude)

IEP vs. 504: What’s The Difference? (Free Download from ADDitude)


10 Solutions To Disorganization At School (Free Download from ADDitude)


14 Ways To Help Your ADHD Child Make Friends (Free Download from ADDitude)

Helping My Quirky Child it In While Staying True To Herself (MLV)

Pen Pallies: A Pen Pal Program For Kids With ADHD (MLV)

Teach Your Kids To Stand Up To Bullying (ImpactADHD)


The Irvine Paraprofessional Program (CHADD)

Letter to Your ADHD Child’s Teacher (Free Download from ADDitude)

Modifying Instruction: Teaching Students With ADHD

Positive Suggestions On How To Make ADHD-Friendly Schools (CHADD)

Teacher To Teacher and School Success (CHADD)

Teaching Children With ADHD

What Teachers Can Do To Help A Child With ADHD


Can A Tutor Help My Child With ADHD? (MLV)

Nobel Coaching and Tutoring

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