My Little Villagers isn’t kidding when it says “It takes a BIG village to raise a child with ADHD.” Here are a variety of important topics for parents of children with ADHD.


The ADHD Babysitter’s Guide (Free Download from ADDitude)


10 Toughest Discipline Dilemmas Solved (Free Download from ADDitude)

The 15-Day Fix To Stop Defiant Behavior In Its Tracks (Free Download from ADDitude)

How To Stop Arguing and Start Talking with Your ADHD Child (MLV)

Explaining ADHD

ADHD Never Bothered Me Anyway (MLV)

Should I Tell My Child They Have ADHD? (MLV)

Family Fun

Show Love eBook (Mom It Forward)

Positive Parenting

13 Parenting Strategies For ADHD Kids (Free Download from ADDitude)

ImpactADHD Webinars

Magic Feather Parenting (MLV)

Parenting ADHD Kids Webinars (ADDitude)

Parenting Videos by Julie Greenlee

Parenting With Impact: Dr. Hallowe;;’s Keys to Unlocking ADHD (ImpactADHD)

The Parents Guide to Motivating Your Complex Child (Free Download from ImpactADHD)

What is Positive Parenting? A Look at the Research and Benefits (Positive Psychology)

Sanity School For Parents (ImpactADHD)


Routines For Morning and Night (Free Download from ADDitude)


Helping Children with Autism and ADHD Fall Asleep 

Sleep Solutions For Kids With ADHD (Free Download from ADDitude)


20 Secrets To A Smarter Summer (Free Download from ADDitude)

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