ADHDmazing Monthly Giveaways and Winners

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February 2018 (WINNER: TBA on March 1)

Fidget Cube (Color: Black)


January 2018 (WINNER: Lisa Asch)



December 2017 (WINNER: Jeremy Wilkins Didier)

Just Tell Me I’m Pretty: Musings on a Messy Life Book (Signed by the author, Heather LeRoss)


November 2017 (WINNER: Cathay Sanatamaria)

Jr. Tangle with Texture


October 2017 (WINNER: Victoria Foster Wilby)

Dog Man: A Tale of Two Kitties (Signed by the author, Dav Pilkey) and Captain Underpants/Dog Man Memorabilia 


September 2017 (WINNER: Stacey Pelton)

The I’mpossible Project Book (Signed by Josh Rivedal (the curator) and Cristina Margolis (one of the authors)


August 2017 (WINNER: Jessica Heidrick)

ADDitude Magazine: Fall 2017 Edition (Signed by Cristina Margolis, one of the writers)


July 2017 (WINNER: Lisa Asch)

It’s Hard To Be A Verb Book


June 2017 (WINNER: Jeremy Wilkins Didier)

Fidget Spinner


May 2017 (WINNER: Bethany Blanchette)

Parenting ADHD Now! Easy Intervention Strategies To Empower Kids with ADHD Book


April 2017 (WINNER: Jessica Heidrick)

Chew Necklace


March 2017 (WINNER: Bethany Blanchette)

6 adult sized ADHD Awareness Bracelets and 2 child sized ADHD Awareness Bracelets


February 20017 (WINNER: Samantha Coates)

ADDitude MagazineSpring 2017 Edition (Signed by Cristina Margolis, one of the writers)


January 2017 (WINNER: Ro Marks)

All Dogs Have ADHD Book


December 2016 (WINNER: Samantha Coates)

Sleep Aid Music For Binaural Beats CD


November 2016 (WINNER: Bethany Blanchette)

$29.99 Gift Certificate to Someone Special Uniquely Personalized Books


October 2016 (WINNER: Kimberly Allman)

Sometimes I Drive My Mom Crazy (But I know She’s Crazy About Me) Book

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