Friends of MLV

A list of the “extended village” of My Little Villagers that have very helpful, useful, and relatable information regarding ADHD that My Little Villagers enjoys networking with.

A Mom’s View of ADHD



ADHD Inspiration

ADHD Kristi & Co.

ADHD Kids Rock

ADD freeSource

Blocked to Brilliant

CHADD: The National Resource On ADHD

Debunking ADHD & Autism Myths & Misinformation (Facebook)

Easy To Love But Hard To Raise

How To ADHD (Videos)


Looking In/Looking Out – Our Autism and ADHD Family (Facebook)

New Life Outlook

Nobel Coaching

Our ADHD Story

Positive Parenting Solutions

If you would like to network with My Little Villagers and be added to the list, please let me know.  Thanks!

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