Pen Pallies

Pen Pallies

Don’t miss this great opportunity to have your child participate in this ADHDmazing pen pal program!

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My Little Villagers’ Pen Pallies Program is a traditional letter writing pen pal program, available exclusively to children with ADHD, ages 4-17 worldwide.  For more information about the Pen Pallies program, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.
If you would like to take advantage of this fantastic pen pal program, please pay the one time registration fee of $10 via PayPal. (Please see FAQs for alternative payment methods.)
PayPal Account:
Please include in the “Add a note” PayPal Section: “Pen Pallies Registration Fee – [Child’s Name]”
In order to enroll and stay enrolled in Pen Pallies, you need to register as an ADHD Awareness Contributor (patron) at “Little Villager” status ($1 a month). You can also donate more if you like and the more you donate, the more ADHDmazing rewards and perks you get.  After you become a patron, your name will be added to the list of ADHD Awareness Contributors.


***Pen Pallies Exclusive Offer***

If you are registered for Pen Pallies and donating to ADHD Awareness at “Wise Villager” status ($5 per month) or above, you and your child will each receive a free ADHD Awareness bracelet

♥ Benefits of Being A Pen Pally ♥

Make friends with other kids that have ADHD
Get matched with kids the same age, sex, and hobbies/interests as you
Helps boost self confidence and self esteem
Positive and fun learning experience
Encourages writing and reading practice
Having something to look forward to
Safe, secure, and trusted


Registration and Agreement

Register your child for Pen Pallies by reading the agreement and submitting the form below. Type “Pen Pallies” in the subject line. In the message, please include the following:


1. Your child’s name

2. Your child’s birthdate and sex

3. Your child’s interests and hobbies

4. Your mailing address (If out of USA, please include country)

5. How many Pen Pallies your child would like to have (Limit of 3)

6. Anything else you want your Pen Pally to know or special requests for who you’d like your child to be matched with

7. Did you register as an ADHD Awareness Contributor (patron)?  If you donate at “Wise Villager” status ($5 per month) or above, you and your child will each receive a free ADHD Awareness bracelet.  This offer is exclusive to Pen Pallies participants only!  (Your child will not be registered for Pen Pallies unless you are a registered patron.)

8. Did you pay the one time $10 registration fee?  (Your child will not be registered until the fee is paid.)

Note: Any information you provide on the form is secure and will only be shared with the Pen Pally you are matched up with. (If you do not want to share your home address, getting a PO Box is recommended.)

AGREEMENT: By filling out and submitting this form, I agree to provide My Little Villagers with my current contact information including my child’s name and my mailing address. I understand that the information to be given to our child’s Pen Pally and their parent(s) is solely for the purposes of the Pen Pallies program, and that My Little Villagers will not share or sell our personal information with anyone else. I hereby acknowledge that once the match has been made by My Little Villagers, it is solely my responsibility as a parent, and not My Little Villagers, to oversee the pen pal correspondence between my child and her/his pen pal. I understand that upon receipt of the initial Pen Pallies Match email and any letters my child receives from their Pen Pally, my child has two weeks to send their letter. I understand that My Little Villagers makes no guarantees in the matching process, but will consider requests for an alternate pen pal should either my child or myself be unsatisfied with the original pen pal selection. I have paid the non-refundable one time registration fee of $10 and I have registered as a patron of My Little Villagers.  I understand that if I withdraw from being a patron of My Little Villagers, my child will be removed from Pen Pallies.

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