Pen Pallies FAQ

Pen Pallies Frequently Asked Questions


What is Pen Pallies?

Pen Pallies is a pen pal program for children with ADHD that allows them to connect with and form friendships with other children that have ADHD.

Who can participate in Pen Pallies?

Children with ADHD between the ages of 4 to 17 are welcome and encouraged to participate in Pen Pallies. If a child is too young to write and/or needs assistance, their parents may help them write their letter.

Why was Pen Pallies started?

Many children with ADHD have a difficult time making and keeping friends. They may feel like they are outcasts at school, that nobody likes them, and that they are alone. The goal of Pen Pallies is to help children with ADHD feel loved, special, and appreciated and for them to know that not only do they have friends all around the world, they have friends who are just like them and understand them. For example, if they find a pen pal in Argentina, they are able to use to find the right postal code argentina so they know that they are writing to the correct area and person, so they can keep up regular correspondance without the worry of mis-sending it.

Is there a registration fee?

Yes. There is a one time registration fee of $10 that is non-refundable. You can make your payment via PayPal to In the “Add a note” section, please write “Pen Pallies Registration Fee for [Child’s Name].” If you prefer to mail cash or a check, you can mail it to: My Little Villagers, PO Box 270082, San Jose, CA 95127, USA. Please include a note with “Pen Pallies Registration Fee for [Child’s Name].”

How much does it cost to stay enrolled in Pen Pallies?

It’s up to you! As long as you are registered as an ADHD Awareness Contributor (patron), you’re in! You can contribute as little as $1 a month at “Little Villager” status or as much as $100 a month at “Village Hero” status. The more you contribute, the more ADHDmazing perks and rewards you get! After you become a patron, your name will be added to the ADHDmazing list of ADHD Awareness Contributors. (***Exclusively for Pen Pallies Participants: If you are a patron contributing at “Wise Villager” ($5 per month) status or above, you and your child will each receive a free ADHD Awareness bracelet.***)


What happens if I cancel being an ADHD Awareness Contributor (patron)?

Your child will be withdrawn from the Pen Pallies program.

But the Pen Pallies video says the program is free! What gives?

Initially, Pen Pallies was free and the families that registered during the first year of the program were able to register and enjoy being a member for free. Now that Pen Pallies has grown in popularity, it has become almost like a full-time job and requires a lot of time and attention.

Is a subscription to My Little Villagers required in order to participate in Pen Pallies?

It is recommended for Pen Pallies updates. Plus, you’ll receive great articles about parenting children with ADHD delivered straight to your inbox for free! The subscribe box is located at the top right of the page. (Don’t forget to follow My Little Villagers on Facebook!)

How do I sign up for Pen Pallies?

After you have paid the one time $10 registration fee and signed up as an ADHD Awareness Contributor (patron), you can sign your child up for Pen Pallies by using the form located on the Pen Pallies page. Type “Pen Pallies” in the subject line. In the message, please include the following:

1. Your child’s name

2. Your child’s birthdate and sex

3. Your child’s interests and hobbies

4. Your mailing address (If out of USA, please include country)

5. How many Pen Pallies your child would like to have (Limit of 3)

6. Anything else you want your Pen Pally to know or special requests for who you’d like your child to be matched with

7. Did you register as an ADHD Awareness Contributor (patron)? If you donate at “Wise Villager” status ($5 per month) or above, you and your child will each receive a free ADHD Awareness bracelet. This offer is exclusive to Pen Pallies participants only! (Your child will not be registered for Pen Pallies unless you are a registered patron.)

8. Did you pay the one time $10 registration fee? (Your child will not be registered until the fee is paid.)

Any information you provide on the form is secure and will only be shared with the Pen Pally you are matched up with. (If you do not want to share your home address, getting a PO Box is recommended.)

I’m a teenager. Do I need my parent’s permission to register?

Yes, you crazy teen, you! 🙂

How does Pen Pallies work?

Based on the information you provide when you register, My Little Villagers will do its best to match children of the same gender and age with other children who may share similar interests and hobbies. Once a match has been made, both Pen Pallies will be notified via email. (Please note that the email will be coming from “Cristina Margolis” and the subject will be “Pen Pally Match.”)

How long will it take to find a match?

I do my best to make matches at least once every week and updates are posted on Facebook. If your child is getting very anxious and isn’t picky about who they are matched with, please notify My Little Villagers and I will try to expedite the match.

We feel like we have a connection with your daughter and relate to her. Can she be my child’s Pen Pally?

Thank you very much, but Giuliana is not taking any more Pen Pallies at this time.

Who pays for postage?

You are responsible for the cost of required postage for mailing your letters.

When can my chid expect their Pen Pally letters?

We ask that Pen Pallies please try their best to write to their Pen Pally within two weeks after receiving their initial Pen Pallies Match email and any letters they receive from their Pen Pally.

What should my child write in their Pen Pallies letter?

Whatever they like! If they are stuck, something nice to share would be what they like about having ADHD or who their favorite celebrity with ADHD is and why. Parents are encouraged to read and approve the letters before they are sent.

Can I send other things to my Pen Pally along with a letter?

Yes, but that is up to you. (Ex. Drawings, photos, stickers, birthday cards, etc.)

Why snail mail and not email?

Two reasons. 1. I want to keep the lost art of traditional pencil and paper pen pal letter writing alive and 2. it provides children with valuable practice at writing, spelling, and composing letters.

What should I do if it has been over three weeks and my child hasn’t received a Pen Pally letter?

Please notify My Little Villagers and I will contact the parents of your child’s Pen Pally.

What should I do if we are unhappy with our Pen Pally match?

Please notify My Little Villagers and I will see if I can find another Pen Pally match.

What should I do if I want to cancel my child’s membership in Pen Pallies?

Please notify My Little Villagers.