Managing ADHD

Topics cover a variety of ways to manage ADHD symptoms, as well as coexisting conditions/issues.


Grounding Kids For Having Anxiety (MLV)

How To Help A Child Having An Anxiety Attack (Free Download from MLV)

How To Make A Calm Down Jar (MLV)

How To Make A Calm Down Space For Kids (MLV)

If You’re [Angry, Sad, or Scared] And You Know It – Inside Out (Free Download from MLV)

Understanding Anxiety (Better Help)

Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral Therapy For Children With ADHD (Child Mind Institute)

The Shiny Playground – Play Therapy for ADHD Kids (MLV)

What Is Behavior Therapy For ADHD? (ImpactADHD)

What To Look For In A Behavior Therapy Program (ImpactADHD)


Better Help – Online Therapy

Nobel Coaching and Tutoring


ADHD Child vs. Non-ADHD Child Interview (MLV)

Shopkins Helped My ADHD Child Conquer Depression (MLV)

Trading “Boo-hoos” For “Bow-Wows” (MLV)

Understanding Depression (Better Help)


9 Foods To Eat (And Avoid) For Improved ADHD Symptoms (Free Download from ADDitude)

The ADHD-Friendly Diet (Free Download from ADDitude)


Creating the Optimal Living Environment for a Child with ADHD


9 Rules For Using ADHD Medication Safely and Effectively (Free Download from ADDitude)

13 Questions To Ask Before Starting Any ADHD Medication (Free Download from ADDitude)

ADHD Medications For Children – Medication List, Side Effects, Research (Child Mind Institute)

ADHD Medication for Kids: 10 Things Parents Should Know (ImpactADHD)

ADHD Treatment: Psychiatric Medications for Children with ADHD

CHADD’s Medical Benefit Program (CHADD)

How We Weathered The Storm of Finding The Right ADHD Medication (MLV)

Johnson & Johnson Patient Assistance Foundation, Inc.

My Kid Wants To Stop Taking ADHD Medication (ImpactADHD)

New Ways To Deliver ADHD Medication To Children (ImpactADHD)


Tips To Improve Early Morning Functioning (Young Children) (Free Download from Ironshore)

Tips To Improve Early Morning Functioning (Preteens) (Free Download from Ironshore)

Tips To Improve Early Morning Functioning (Teenagers) (Free Download from Ironshore)


Secret Power of Fidgets (Free Download from ADDitude)


Beating ADHD With Binaural Beats (MLV)

Music For Healthy ADHD Brains (Free Download from ADDitude)

Alternative ADHD Treatment Options (Free Download from ADDitude)


Autism and ADHD – Signs, Treatments, & Therapies (Weighted Blanket Guides)

Guide To Living With Sensory Overload (Household)


ADHD and Sleep (Tuck)

Vitamins and Supplements

5 All-Natural ADHD Supplements (Free Download from ADDitude)

ADHD Vitamins and Supplements (Free Download from ADDitude)

Fish Oil For ADHD (Free Download from ADDitude)

Mellowing Out With Melatonin (MLV)

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