Daily Prayers for Children with ADHD

Posted on Jun 8 2016 - 5:42pm by My Little Villagers

Living Each Day

For those of you who believe in the power of prayer, these are wonderful daily prayers for children with ADHD.  Any parent of a child with ADHD knows how difficult, frustrating, and challenging life can be for them. It is important for us as their parents to help them and guide them whenever and however we can. My daughter and I have found that praying to God on a daily basis helps alleviate the struggles of her ADHD while building her relationship with God. For those of you with very young children like me, I recommend saying the prayer with them and talking with them about the prayer afterwards. If you have an artistic child like mine, having them draw their interpretation of the prayer would be beneficial too.

“Living Each Day”

Daily Prayers for Children with ADHD


    God, in the name of Jesus, I thank You for giving me life. You picked me out for Your very own even before the foundation of the world — before I was ever born. You saw me while I was being formed in my mommy’s womb, and You know all about ADHD.

    God, You see all the things I do, and You know all my thoughts even before I think them. Thank You for loving me and helping me replace bad thoughts with good thoughts.

    Help my parents, grandparents, and teachers to help me do the right thing. Help me to be kind to others.

    In the name of Jesus, Amen.



    God, You have assigned angels to me — giving them special charge over me to accompany and defend and preserve me in all my ways.

    God, I need Your help. Sometimes my thoughts scare me and I don’t like the way I behave. I become so frightened and confused that I have to do something: run, make noises — even scream or try to hurt someone. These actions separate me from playmates; and when they don’t want to be my friends, I am hurt, disappointed, and angry.

    I am asking You, God, to help me form new behavior patterns and successfully overcome the disobedience and defiance that cause my parents and teachers anguish. I don’t like to see them all upset, even though I laugh about it sometimes.

    Thank You for helping me overcome obsessive compulsive actions that create confusion for me and others around me. Even when others don’t want me around, You will never abandon me. You will always be with me to help me and give me support.

    In the name of Jesus, Amen.



    God, thank You for my parents, grandparents, and teachers who understand me and are helping me learn good behavior patterns. Help me to listen and develop good relationships with others — especially other children.

    Thank You for giving me the ability to learn how to express my anger appropriately; I rejoice every time I have a victory. Your Son, Jesus, said that He has given me power to overcome all the obstacles that ADHD causes in my life.

    In His name I pray, Amen.



    God, I believe in my heart that Your Son, Jesus, is my Lord and Master and that He has come to live in my heart.

    God, You are with me when my thoughts get jumbled up and You have sent the Holy Spirit to help me concentrate and stay focused on each task at home and at school.

Thank You for giving me Your helmet of salvation to protect my through life.

    In the name of Jesus, Amen.



   God, help me conquer the power of love and calm a well-balanced mind with discipline and self-control. Thank You that as I grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, You are creating in me a willing heart to be obedient.

    Forgive me for throwing tantrums and help me recognize and control the ideas that cause them. The Holy Spirit is my Helper. Thank You for giving me the ability to channel hyperactivity in constructive and productive ways.

    I choose to speak peace and love into the situations that confront me and make me feel uncomfortable and out of control.

    In the name of Jesus, Amen.



    God, sometimes awful thoughts come to me and I command the voices that tell me bad things to be quiet and leave me in the name of Jesus.

    God, in Your Word, You said that I can make choices. I choose to cast down imaginations that cause me to feel afraid and angry; these thoughts are not Your thoughts. You love me and I will think good things.

    God, I ask for Your wisdom to stay with me each day as I learn new techniques for handling stressful incidents.

    In the name of Jesus, Amen.



    God, there are so many everyday things that worry and annoy me. I feel so different from other people.

    God, Your Word says not to worry about anything, but to pray and ask You for everything I need and to give thanks when I pray and Your peace will keep my heart and mind in Christ Jesus. The peace You give me is so great that I cannot understand it.

    Thank You for keeping my mind quiet and at peace. I declare that I am an overcomer and by submitting to Your control, I am learning self-control.

    God, I thank You for teaching me how to be a good friend to those You are sending to be my friends.

    In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Note: These prayers originated from Prayers.org and were edited to make it easier for young children with ADHD to say and understand.
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