How to Develop Responsibility In Kids

Posted on Aug 13 2018 - 5:39pm by My Little Villagers
This is a guest post written by Edna Bedell from Smile Tutor, a home tutoring agency in Singapore.

How to Develop Responsibility In Kids

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You love to pamper your kids, but you also want to raise them as a responsible and gentle individual. If you live in Singapore, Smile Tutor is a great way to make you kid more responsible and independent. The earlier children are taught, the better their future will be.

Here are five helpful tips to help make your kids more responsible:

1. Don’t blame. Always remind.

Why is the empty glass still on the table? Why is your homework still not finished? The more you nag the kids for such things, the more they will take the responsibility seriously. Being bitter might give you an instant solution, but the solution is not permanent. The best is to motivate and encourage your kids by making them realize what you are expecting from them in the future. For example, if your kid has not completed his homework, but he is insisting you let him go out to play , you can say “We will spend one extra hour at the park, but you must finish your homework first. Tackle them with love.

2. Praise them for good behavior.

Encourage and praise your kid for doing something good. When you praise and encourage your kid, he will realize that his actions and efforts are being observed and cherished. It will make him more independent and responsible and also guide him on the path to choosing between right and wrong. Thus, your kids will become smarter in decision making. It’s also good to encourage and praise them academically too. This can help foster a positive attitude toward learning. Perhaps setting them up with some Online Tutoring sessions could be an effective way of supplementing their existing schooling, broadening their knowledge on a range of subjects.

3. Follow regular routines.

If you want your child to clean his room without being reminded, you need to make it a daily habit of your child’s routine. Kids respond very well to predefined rules. Clearly define the daily tasks you would like your child to do from a young age, so they are accustomed to their daily routine habits.

4. Involve your kids in everyday home tasks.

Just because kids are small doesn’t mean they cannot complete simple household tasks. Involve your child in daily household activities, like fetching the cooking ingredients, cleaning up their bedroom, etc. It will make your child more independent, which will surely give him a better and bright future and also boost up his morale.

5. Guide with example

You can set positive examples, as well as negative ones in front of your kids. It all depends on you. You are always the greatest role model for your children, so always be mindful of your actions and deeds. You want to provide your child with positive inspiration. Provide them a proper grooming, as it will help them grow into a responsible individual.

It is very necessary to teach your children the importance of responsibility. If you live in Singapore, one option is to hire a personal tutor from tuition agencies such as Smile Tutor. Having a dedicated coach at home can go a long way to help teach kids to become responsible;e and independent.

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