Weekly Wound Up: 2/2/18

Posted on Feb 2 2018 - 6:32pm by My Little Villagers

January 26 – February 1, 2018


We did it, guys! We made it to Friday! *high fives and wine all around*

Welcome to this week’s Wound Up, where we can all laugh about the hilarious (and sometimes downright crazy) things our children with ADHD (and ourselves) did and said during the week. Some of the Facebook posts included in the Wound Up may not be specific to ADHD, but if they are here, then you can bet they are definitely relatable to parents of children with ADHD.

Parents (particularly those of children with ADHD) can have some pretty stressful and chaotic lives, but with creative, innovative, and entertaining kids like ours, life can also be downright hilarious! You just have to learn to look past the homework battles, the meltdowns, and the constant messiness. I assure you… The humor is there in your life and man, it feels good to laugh!

Thank God for the awesome ADHD Moms and Dads in the My Little Villager’s Community who are willing to put it all out there for us and let us laugh along with them!

So sit back, relax, and have a much needed laugh as these hilarious ADHD-related posts!

1. Brain Fog Is Real  (Orthodox sunflower)

2. It’s A Dirty Shame  (Where The Eff Is My Handbookz)

3. Dirt Don’t Hurt  (I Might Be Funny)

4. Those Are My People  (Brandon Andrina – Professional Stay At Home Dad)

5. Flower Power  (TotallyADD)

6. Hyperfocus Much?  (Mommy Owl by Lauren LodderD)

7. Two Is Better Than Zero  (Mama Needs A Nap)

8. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind  (ManVSMommy)

9. SO Fun  (The 21st Century SAHM)

10. I Love Rocky Road Myself  (No Idea What I’m Doing: A Daddy Blog)

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